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Toolroom Machinery -Lamborra

LAMBORRA CNC Machine Tools

Japan Precision 5 Axis VMC-MAX410i / MAX710i

BBT40 or HSK63 spindle, 25HP 12000 0r 20000 rpm

X/Y/Z: 450x460x410 / 800x710x560mm,

Table: 425x425 / 500x500mm


Japan Precision VMC

BBT40 or HSK63 spindle, 25HP 10000 0r 15000 rpm, 24M/min. cut feed, 45M/min. rapd feed

X/Y/Z: 750x430x525mm, High Accuracy 3D Coutouring

Indexon Pallet HMC

12000 rpm, 35HP, BT40 spindle, 120 Tool ATC, 0.001 Indexing

Thermally Stabilized ballscrews, 60M/min. rapids

X/Y/Z: 700x700x700mm, 35 or 80 Bar CTS

Multi-Tasking CNC Turning Center

One-piece ragid slant bed structure, 12 station powerful VDI Turret

The thermally symmetrical design on head stock provide stable accuracy, Main spindle & Sub spindle synchronization

C1 and C2 axis provide positioning resolution up to 0.015 degree to accomplish 3D contouring

Y-axis with +/-50mm of stroke is available performance thread milling.


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